Love cycling, go Dutch!

35,000 kilometers (that is well over 20,000 miles!) of smooth and comfortable traffic-free cycle paths are waiting for you in The Netherlands. This is the country where cycling is for everyone, whether you are a novice cyclist taking it easy or want to do some serious mileage. Children particularly love the cycle path infrastructure with its own signs. The most liberating feeling about Dutch cycling may be that you won’t be regarded as a different species when out on the bike. The difference between “cyclists” or “drivers” just doesn’t exist. We are all people, regardless of the means of transport we use!

In The Netherlands, everyone cycles. Every year, the Dutch people pedal about 15 billion kilometers and about 14 million journeys are made by bike every day. Nearly one out of every three journeys is made by bike. That is all done on around 18 million bikes, which is about a million more than the entire population! With the highest level of cycle use in the western world and with the lowest risks per kilometer cycled, it is the safest place to cycle. Our guidebook is designed to be a bridge between cultures, taking international visitors to the heart of the Dutch cycling culture.



check On the Cycling Dutchman Blog you can browse various articles on Dutch cycling infrastructure and cycling culture, all written by the author of the guidebook. Eric van der Horst was an active campaigning for better cycle infrastructure in the United Kingdom between 2011 and 2016. The articles provide a wealth of further information and may even inspire you to campaign for better conditions for cycling where you live!

check We regularly post video clips of the rides in the guidebook on our EOS Cycling YouTube Channel. Note these videos are a bit rough and ready but they will give you a good idea of what cycling in The Netherlands is all about.

check “This guidebook is really good if you want to do cycling in Holland. We had a great week, bringing our own pannier bags on the plane and hiring bikes from the Amsterdam rental. Dutch sight seeing is fantastic by bike! The book took us to great places and the suggested accommodations worked well too. Many thanks!”
Rebecca Lloyd, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

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