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check All Amsterdam Routes:
Note that the road on the north side of Amsterdam Central station (wedged in between the station and IJ-Harbour), as depicted on the maps in the book, is now rerouted into a tunnel under the station. This tunnel is for motorised traffic only. The cycle path alongside IJ-Harbour is open for all cycle traffic, connecting to all ferries and, thanks to the new tunnel, with less traffic noise!

check Amsterdam Route A9: 1.6 km: Cafe Restaurant Vertigo in Vondelpark is renamed as Vondel CS.

check Amsterdam Routes D2, D4 and D5: Major reconstruction of the old Waterland seawall is on its way. Plans are still in process of being approved and finalised, but once work is on its way, major disruption on routes D2, D4 and D5 is likely. As soon we know works are on their way, we will publish this on this page. Once the works have started, you’ll still be able to cycle the short circuit of routes D, using routes D1 + C7 + E4.

check Randstad Circle: Route 2: 10.7 km: The Dutch YHA organisation StayOkay has now a budget accommodation in the City Centre of Utrecht, only 150 m from the Old Canal Route. To get there, turn left over the bridge after 10.7 km. After the Old Post Office building on your right, turn right onto Neude Square: YHA Stay Okay Utrecht Centrum, Neude 5, 3512 AD, Utrecht.

check Randstad Circle: Route 2: 12.1 km: The reconstruction works of Utrecht Central station have completely reshaped the area around the station. It is not possible any more to turn right after 12.1 kms. Go straight ahead here instead, via a foot/cycle bridge across the railway tracks and station. At the end of the bridge, keep to the right, making your way to “Jaarbeursplein” square and rejoin our route after 13.0 kms (see map on page 78).

check Randstad Circle: Route 2: 15.2 km: The construction works of the Leidsche Rijn development have once again completely reshaped the area west of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. After making your way across the canal (see map on page 79), keep straight on, including one smooth turn to the right at a small bus stop terminal. You basically keep cycling parallel to the railway line. At Terwijde railway station after 20.1 km it is easy to rejoin our original route.

check Randstad Circle: Route 5: 6.8 km: If you arrive at the railway, turn left into the subway under the railway and then follow the cycle path under the A20 motorway.

check Randstad Circle: Route 5: 15.1 km: Flora Holland Naaldwijk has closed its doors for visitors wishing to see the flower auctioning. You can still visit their  Aalsmeer site near Amsterdam, but this site is about 12 km (8 miles) from our Amsterdam routes. If you wished to travel to this site by bike use Amsterdam Route A6. After 2.7 km (see page 36), head straight on (to Aalsmeer), rather than turning right. Keep following this cycle path southbound straight on until you get to a junction with traffic lights. Turn left here via cycle path on left side of main road (Schinkeldijkje). At the next traffic lights, turn right via cycle path on left side of main road (Legmeerdijk). Keep going straight on and you’ll find the large site of Flower Holland Aalsmeer on your right.

check Randstad Circle: Route 6: 0.0 km: Hoek van Holland Railway stations are both closed until February 2018. Up until then it will not be possible to take bicycles on train between Hook of Holland and Rotterdam Central station (as suggested on page 23). The Hook of Holland – Rotterdam route will reopen February 2018 as part of the Rotterdam metro network, rather then being part of Dutch Railways. It will be possible to bring bicycles on the new metro, so long as you avoid rush hour. You’ll need to change at station Schiedam Centrum to change from/to the Dutch Railways network. See also the Project Website for more information.

check Randstad Circle: Route 9: 6.3 km: Pub De Vlonder has shut down.

check Northern: Route 10: Major reconstruction of the old Waterland seawall is on its way. Plans are still in process of being approved and finalised, but once work is on its way, major disruption on Amsterdam routes D2, D4 and D5 and on Northern Route 10 is likely. As soon we know works are on their way, we will publish this on this page. Once the works have started, you’ll still be able to head north from Amsterdam towards Marken and Volendam, using Amsterdam routes E4 + D6 + D5 in reverse. At the end of route D5, you should be able to continue with route 10, either via Monnickendam or Marken. If works are on their way between Oosthuizen and Hoorn (see pages 120-121), you are likely to be diverted onto the cycle path on the N247 road, which runs parallel to the seawall route. Yellow diversion signs for cyclists are likely to be put in place once the works start.

check Northern: Route 12: Major reconstruction of the Enkhuizen-Lelystad dam is on its way. It will be closed from 1 December 2017 until 1 July 2019, with exception of July and August 2018. During these months, the path will be open, but you may be stopped for 10 minutes or so for mobile construction works. Those interested in Dutch water engineering works will have lots of things to see during these two months that the path will be open.

check Eastern: Route 15: The famous Nijmegen four-day marches “Vierdaagse” attracts up to 40,000 walkers from around the world annually. The 2018 edition will be held 17-20 July. Expect all accommodations to be full on and around these dates. If you wish to stay overnight in or near Nijmegen during this busy and exciting event, you’ll have to make reservations well in advance. Also note that road closures are likely to affect our cycle routes in the Nijmegen area during this event.

check Southern: Route 18: 16.7 km: The Haringvliet Expo is now only a cafe/restaurant named Zoet of Zout (“Fresh water or salt water”). This new name reflects the proposals to reopen the sluices of the Haringvlietdam for permanent fish migration and restoring the original salt water ecosystem of the Haringvliet estuary.

check Last update: 27 September 2017. If you are cycling with our guidebook and encounter an issue with the route or services, please let us know!



check “We just received your book, and we are very excited about our 3 week cycling trip in Holland April-May of this year. Your book is clearly the best we’ve looked at. We’ll be cycling independently – not making many plans in advance. Thanks for a terrific book.”
Joyce and Bill Keckler, San Francisco, USA

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